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With America nearing 200,000 Covid-19 deaths, Fauci said he's encouraged by the response in some areas of the country, overall the numbers aren't great

Analysis: New CDC flap exposes confusion of Trump's Covid-19 response
New chaos at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over revised guidance on the spread of Covid-19 is a fresh sign of mixed messaging that long plagued the White House's failed pandemic response.

NFL levies more than $1 million in fines against 3 teams and their coaches who didn't wear masks during games
Three NFL teams are being fined $250,000 each because their coaches were not wearing face coverings during games on Sunday, a league source told CNN Monday.

CNN reporter: I have never seen anything like this
The CDC on Monday abruptly reverted to its previous guidance about how coronavirus is transmitted, removing language about airborne transmission it had posted just days earlier. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen tells us more.

Alitalia airline offering 'Covid-tested' flights
If you could book a seat on a flight where you were guaranteed not to catch coronavirus, would you do it?

As doctors worry about 'a very apocalyptic fall,' the CDC changes info on how Covid-19 spreads
As most US states head in the wrong direction with coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has retracted key information about how the virus spreads.

Scientists say Californians moving is just the beginning of a larger trend. Here's what it means
• A puppy was saved from the rubble in an area devastated by wildfires • Opinion: Wildfires will only get worse unless we force businesses to make these changes

These 63 Bed Bath & Beyond stores are set to close by the end of 2020
• NIH official to 'retire' after being ID'd as author of anti-Fauci posts on right-wing blog

Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping's handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years
A Chinese billionaire who criticized President Xi Jinping's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been jailed for 18 years on corruption charges, a court said Tuesday.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft appears to be victorious in solicitation case in Florida
The Florida solicitor general and his staff have decided not to seek another appeal of the solicitation case against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the office of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said Monday.

Watch what happened when GOP official tried to urge Trump crowd to wear masks
Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted was booed while speaking at a Trump rally for encouraging the President's supporters to wear masks.

Trump narrows Supreme Court list
President Donald Trump was only seven minutes into his campaign rally Friday when word arrived backstage that would dramatically alter the final stretch of his first term. Yet as his aides debated whether to alert him that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died, another message arrived from Trump's chief of staff: don't interrupt the President's speech.

More people were killed in Louisville this year than ever before in the city's history
After four people were shot and killed over a bloody weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, the city reached a new record -- 121 murders so far this year.

New testimony reveals what happened before the Golden Ray capsized off the Georgia coast
For the first time in the year since a 656-foot cargo vessel capsized off the coast of Georgia, crew members and the ship's owners are speaking publicly about the moments before the Golden Ray listed, overturned, and triggered a multiday rescue effort to save the 24 people on board.

NYPD officer accused of acting as an illegal agent of the Chinese government
A New York police officer who rose through the ranks of the department is accused of using his position in the department's community affairs unit to give Chinese officials access to NYPD officials and offered insider information about its operations, according to a criminal complaint.

ICE detainee alleges officers beat him after he refused to comply with illegal deportation
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee claims that three agents attempted to deport him despite an order preventing his removal and allegedly beat him when he refused to board the plane, according to a lawsuit filed Friday.

Republican senator's ad boasts she's 'more conservative than Attila the Hun'
Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia is looking to highlight her conservative voting record in a new ad that compares her to Attila the Hun.

Edward Snowden agrees to give up more than $5 million from book and speeches
Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor who leaked intelligence secrets in 2013, has agreed to forfeit more than $5 million he earned from his book and speaking fees to the US government, according to court records.

GOP senator reacts to his own words
CNN's Erin Burnett shows Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) his own words from 2016 about a filling Supreme Court vacancy during an election year.

Slow-moving Tropical Storm Beta expected to make landfall in Texas
Tropical Storm Beta is expected to move inland toward the central coast of Texas Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.