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In delaying his State of the Union address, the President has effectively admitted defeat to an experienced rival
Nancy Pelosi isn't giving an inch.

Trump concedes to Pelosi on State of the Union
White House officials were caught off guard Wednesday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally disinviting President Donald Trump from giving his State of the Union address from the House chamber, leaving them scrambling for a response.

Senate to vote on competing proposals to reopen government
The Senate is set to hold a pair of test votes on competing proposals to reopen the government on Thursday -- and both are expected to fail with no clear consensus between Democrats and Republicans over how to end the longest shutdown in US history.

Trump's daughter-in-law sends message to federal workers
President Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump says federal employees currently furloughed or working without pay due to the partial government shutdown are experiencing a "little bit of pain" for the "future of our country."

House committee cancels shutdown hearing after Mnuchin declines to appear
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has declined to appear before the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday to testify on 36,000 Internal Revenue Service employees being called back to work without pay, a committee aide told CNN on Wednesday.

Cuomo responds to Trump's rhyme with one of his own
CNN's Chris Cuomo says there is a level of disconnect between the people who are affected by the government shutdown and those who caused it.

Trump on shutdown: This will go on for a while
President Donald Trump will not be giving his scheduled State of the Union speech on the House floor after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi informed him the speech will not be happening in the House chamber.

John Kelly joins other ex-homeland security secretaries in call to end shutdown
Former White House chief of staff John Kelly and the other four former secretaries of homeland security sent President Donald Trump and Congress a letter Wednesday calling for full department funding and an end to the monthlong partial government shutdown.

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee steps down from 2 posts as she faces a lawsuit
Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has stepped down from two of her key posts as she faces a lawsuit that alleges retribution to a staffer who reported sexual assault.

CNN Poll of Polls: Trump approval takes a hit mid-shutdown
President Donald Trump was bragging this week about a surprising bump in one poll, but his optimism missed the fact that recent polling is in agreement that his approval ratings have taken a hit during the month-plus partial government shutdown and the public largely blames him for the country's predicament.

Analysis: Why 2020 candidates cannot ignore Iowa or New Hampshire
Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two contests of the primary season, have traditionally been key for presidential contenders. This year, though, a lot of Democrats are talking up the importance of contests with a more diverse electorate, like California, Nevada and most importantly, South Carolina.

Analysis: 3 questions about the canceled Michael Cohen testimony
Since the moment it was announced that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen would appear in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, February 7 -- the day of the Cohen appearance -- had been circled on every calendar in Washington.

Dana Bash: Job done for Trump
CNN's Dana Bash says that President Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani's public comments about Michael Cohen's family had the desired effect because Cohen decided to postpone his testimony before a House committee.

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst says she was raped, is a survivor of domestic violence
Republican Sen. Joni Ernst said Wednesday that she was "forced out as a survivor" of mental and physical abuse by her former husband and that she was raped by a boyfriend in college, following the public reporting of her divorce papers earlier this week.

John Kerry to President Trump: Resign.
Former Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) reacts to former Secretary of State John Kerry saying that if he could speak to President Donald Trump directly, Kerry would tell him to "resign."

3-year-old boy goes missing from grandmother's backyard
Gone for more than 24 hours as temperatures drop to near freezing, a missing 3-year-old is the "number one priority" of police in North Carolina, officials said Wednesday.

US Navy sails warships through Taiwan Strait
The US Navy sailed two ships through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to the US Pacific Fleet, which oversees operations in the area.

Suspect in bank shooting that left five dead quit his job two weeks ago
The suspect in a fatal shooting of five people at a bank in Florida resigned his job as a correctional officer trainee two weeks ago, authorities said.

Venezuelan President Maduro set to speak after US backs opposition leader
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is expected to speak at Venezuela's Supreme Court Thursday, a day after he gave US diplomats 72 hours to leave the country in response to US support of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

CNN shows how drug smugglers avoid border wall
CNN's Ed Lavandera takes you inside underground tunnels that connect the US and Mexico, where drugs are smuggled beneath a border town working to root out and seal off the tunnels.